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Apply to the Controller of Examinations through the Study Centre with requisite documents within 60 days from the date of declaration of the result. Contact the Coordinator of the Study Centre for information regarding requisite documents to be submitted.
If request is made after 60 days but before 90 days, you have to pay a fine of Rs 1000/- .
If request is made after 90 days no request will be entertained and the result will be updated as failed.
First you see for which purpose your result is withheld. Generally results are being withheld due to various reasons like- sitting in an examination without admit cards/ not paying accurate amount in the form fill up/ not paying on time/ no information of major or pass course/ no marks in home assignment etc. If you have submitted the assignments on time and your result gets withheld due to home assignment marks, then you have to ask the coordinator of your study centre to resubmit the marks to the Controller of Examinations.
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If a learner fails to get 45% marks in aggregate despite of getting pass marks in individual courses, the learner will not be eligible to get the Master’s Degree.
Such a learner will be allowed to appear in any number of Course(s) (Theory) part of the Programme in any Semester for improving his/her aggregate percentage. However, the learner will have to complete the course within the maximum duration prescribed by the University, for example, six years in case of Masters. Moreover, maximum four attempts in one course/paper is allowed.
Only the learners pursuing Master’s Degree shall be provided with the option of appearing for Betterment. Only one chance will be given to candidates for betterment in the immediate next examination. To appear for betterment, a candidate has to apply using specific betterment form which will be available in the website. Betterment chance can be availed of only for two courses in one Semester.