July 2014
Recheck Results Declared for MBA 2nd Sem & Degree 2nd Yearnn
Degree 2nd year Recheck Results declared (10th list)nn
Recheck Results Declared for Degree 2nd Year(9th list), MA 2nd Sem (Education,English,Assamese) & MSW ( 2nd Sem )nn
BPP (Back) Results declared (Exam Held in March, 2014)nn
MBA 3rd Sem Results declared (Exam Held in December, 2013)nn Click to View Marks ( BPP-Back & MBA)
Degree 2nd Year (8th list) recheck results declared
Degree 3rd Year Recheck Results (11 List )
Results Declared for BPP (Exam Held in March, 2014)
BPP for BA BMC, BCA & BCOM    (click to View Marks )

June 2014
Degree 2nd Sem Recheck resutls [ 2ndList ]
Degree 2nd Year Recheck resutls [ 7th List ]
BA, BCA , BCOM and BMC 1 st Semester results ( click to view marks )
MA 3rd Semester (Assamese) results ( Click to View Marks )
Degree 2nd Year 2013 Recheck results [ 6th List, 5th List, 4th List, 3rd List, & 2nd List ]
Degree 2nd Sem Recheck results [1tst List]
Master Degree 3rd Semester Results Declared for MA (Education, English, Political Science, Sociology)
,MCA,MSW and MMC ( Click to View Marks )

May 2014
List of selected candidates for Ph.D. Programme, 2014.
List of Scholars called for presentation for the final selection of PhD-2014 batch
Degree 2nd Year 2013 Recheck results [1st List]
MSW (2nd Sem) [Regular , Back] Exam Held in November, 2013
MA-Sociology (2nd Sem) [Regular, Back] [ - do - ]
MBA (2nd Sem) [Regular] [ - do - ]
PGDMC (2nd Sem) [Regular] [ - do - ]
PGDHRM (2nd Sem) [Regular, Back ] [ - do - ]
  Result of PhD Course Works Examination,2014

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