Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.)

In Assam, the Right to Education Act (RTE, 2009) came into force on April 1, 2010. It was reported that a substantial section of teachers in Assam in lower primary and upper primary sections are untrained. Moreover, the recently appointed TET qualified teachers also do not have formal teacher training except those having B.Ed. degree. As per direction of MHRD all such untrained teachers are to be trained within 2015. Providing training to such a large number of teachers in face to face mode and within such a short period of time being not possible, the Govt. of Assam decided that the untrained teachers be trained through Distance Mode of Education and Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University (KKHSOU) was entrusted the responsibility of framing the curriculum etc. Accordingly Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) programme has been designed and developed by the University in the light of NCTE guidelines with the academic support of experts from DEC and IGNOU, besides local experts, and submitted to the NCTE through ASSA Mission. The NCTE has given approval to the programme. The duration of the programme is two years and those who are selected/nominated/deputed by the Government of Assam (i.e. SSA Mission) will only be entitled to undergo this training.

19/02/2015 Time Table: D.El.Ed. First Year (Regular & Back) Examination 2015 ss
08/02/2015 First Year Assignment (December 2014 batch) ss
26/02/2015 Time Table: D.El.Ed. Second Year Examination 2015ss
21/02/2015 Notification for Fees of Back Candidate of D.El.Ed
06/02/2015 D.El.Ed. Second Year Examination Notification for 2015
18/12/2014 Rescrutiny result declared for D.El.Ed 1st Year examination ( 4th list,5th list, 6th list)
18/12/2014 Rescrutiny result declared for D.El.Ed 2nd Year examination (1st list,2nd list,3rd list,4th list, 5th list,6th list)
01/12/2014 Rescrutiny result declared for D.El.Ed 1st Year examination (3rd list)
30/11/2014 D.El.Ed Registration list for 2014-15
30/11/2014 Rescrutiny result declared for D.El.Ed 1st Year examination (2nd list )
18/11/2014 Application form Provisional Certificate ( D.El.Ed )
17/11/2014 D.El.Ed. Special Examination Attendance lists (First Year,Second Year)
17/11/2014 Rescrutiny results declared for D.El.Ed examination (1st list )
10/11/2014 Results Declared for D.El.Ed. 2nd year examination held in MAY-JUNE, 2014
17/10/2014 Results Declared for D.El.Ed. 1st year Examination held in MAY, 2014
05/08/2014 Routine for Special D.El.Ed. Examination, November 2014
05/08/2014 Assignments 1st Year (2014-2015) and Assignments 2nd Year (2014-2015)
30/06/2014 Notification for Centre transfer of D. El.Ed. Trainee Teachers
29/06/2014 Special Counselling for D.El.Ed Trainees (1 st year and 2nd year of 2013-14)
15/06/2014 D. El. Ed Programme:- Revised Plan of Action – 2014-15
12/05/2014 Centre list for D.El.Ed. 1st Year Examination, 2014
12/05/2014 Centre list for D.El.Ed. 2nd Year Examination, 2014
03/04/2014 D.El.Ed (Annual Term End) Examination Recheck Results Declared

Routine for DELED-2014 Examination (First year & Second year)

07/01/2014 Download D.El.Ed Learner's Registration Number List. [ Link 1: pdf OR Link 2: Compressed File in (ZIP) ]
11/06/2013 D.El.Ed. Programme Workshop-II
11/06/2013 D.El.Ed. Programme Workshop-I
11/06/2013 Guidelines for contact programmes, couselling, Estimate of Annual Cost and other related activities of D. El. Ed. Programme
  Format of Certificate for Participation in Induction Programme
  Sample Copy of Certificate for Participation in the Induction Programme
  Guidelines for Conducting lnduction Programme and TA Bill
  Tentative Plan of Action, Question Pattern and Examination Fee Structure of D.El.Ed Programme
  Detail Syllabus for Induction Course
  Corrigendum About Practical Handbook 1 of D.El.Ed. Programme
  Workshop Guideline for Study Centers