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  1. Air & Space Power Journal
  2. Archives of Transport
  3. Aviation in Focus : Journal of Aeronautical Sciences
  4. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research
  5. European Transport Research Review
  6. Fatigue of Aircraft Structures
  7. INCAS Bulletin
  8. International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering
  9. International Journal of Aerospace Engineering
  10. International Journal of Lean Thinking
  11. Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management
  12. Journal of Konbin
  13. Journal of Public Transportation
  14. Journal of Transport and Land Use
  15. Journal of Transportation Technologies
  16. Nordic Road and Transport Research
  17. Open Aerospace Engineering Journal
  18. Open Transportation Journal
  19. Perner´s Contacts
  20. Pomorstvo
  21. Recent Patents on Space Technology
  22. Transaction on Transport Sciences
  23. Transport Problems : an International Scientific Journal